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    Shandong Zitai New Material Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive large-scale private enterprise integrating production, processing and sales. The company was formerly a large trading company, which was born with increasing business volume. The company covers an area of ​​more than 20,000 square meters. It is located in the Boxing Industrial Park of Boxing County, which is known as the “Little Jiangnan”. It is located at the intersection of East China and North China, the cultural city of Zibo in the south and the Pearl of Binbei in the north. It is adjacent to the national famous port of Qingdao in the east and the hinterland of the Central Plains in the west. It relies on the Shandong Fuwang plate market, the largest steel plate wholesale base in the country. The steel trade is frequent, and the sea, land and air transportation is convenient in all directions.

    The company has strong technical strength and has formed a group of backbone strengths led by senior technical personnel such as engineers, senior electrical engineers and mechanics. It provides reliable technical guarantee for the operation and product quality of the company's color coating production line, and has invested heavily in international The advanced central control system and high-configuration color coating equipment system mainly produce color-coated steel plates of various colors and specifications with thickness of 0.135mm-1.0mm and width of 80cm-125cm. The annual production of high-quality color-coated steel plates is 120,000 tons. The color coated steel plate has light weight, beautiful appearance and good anti-corrosion performance, and can be directly processed. It provides new raw materials for the construction, shipbuilding, vehicle manufacturing, furniture, electrical appliances and other industries, and plays a role in replacing wood with steel, saving energy and preventing pollution. Good results. The color coated steel plate using the galvanized steel plate as the substrate, in addition to the protection of the zinc layer, the organic coating on the zinc layer serves as a covering isolation function, can prevent the steel plate from rusting, has a longer service life than the galvanized steel plate, and is generally painted. The life of the steel plate is 50% longer than that of the galvanized steel sheet, which is five times that of the ordinary steel plate.

    The company takes the good corporate culture atmosphere as the mainstream, establishes a pragmatic, rigorous, honest and efficient professionalism, implements scientific and standardized management, refines the quantitative operation links, and promotes the post responsibility system. Companies in the "quality of survival, reputation and development, management and efficiency" business philosophy and "harmony, care, development, coexistence" corporate human spirit, and constantly improve the sales network, in good faith for new and old customers to provide quality products And the most perfect after-sales service.

    Product description

    Color-coated steel sheet is a new type of strip pre-coated product that has been rapidly developed internationally in the past 30 years. It is refined on the high-speed continuous unit by chemical pretreatment, initial coating and fine coating. The quality of the coating is much more uniform, more stable and more ideal than single-piece spraying or brushing on the surface of the molded metal.

    The color coated steel sheet has excellent decorative property, moldability, corrosion resistance, strong coating adhesion, and can maintain novel color for a long time. Because the color coated steel plate can obtain steel belt wood, high efficiency construction, energy conservation, pollution prevention and other good economic benefits become the ideal material for manufacturing today's building boards.

    Shandong Zitai New Material Co., Ltd.Shandong Zitai New Material Co., Ltd.Shandong Zitai New Material Co., Ltd.

    The main purpose

    ★ Exterior decoration of buildings (layer tops, wall materials); industrial, commercial, residential, public facilities

    ★In-building materials: interior wall materials, ceiling materials, partitions, fire doors

    ★Building accessories: window panels, signboards

    ★Home Appliances: Fuel/Gas Boiler, Rice Bucket, Carrying Wafer Furnace, etc.

    Product advantages

    Because of its advantages of both steel plate and organic materials, color steel printing plates not only have the mechanical strength and easy forming property of steel plates, but also have good decorative and corrosion resistance of organic materials, which makes its application fields expand continuously and social needs. Increasing. There are two aspects to the application of color steel printing plates, namely decorative aspects and corrosion resistance. The color steel printing plate can give the color of the color plate to make the object beautiful. At the same time, the coating can greatly extend the service life of the steel plate. The life of the color steel printing plate is generally more than 5 times that of the ordinary steel plate, which is nearly double that of the galvanized sheet.


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